“Be the change you want to create.” – Zainab Salbi

In her keynote, Zainab Salbi speaks on how compromising your voice from being heard is ultimately a betrayal to yourself. It is up to you to demand not only from others, but yourself as well in order to be the change you want to advocate for the world.

She defines being a leader in the 21st century as realizing that freedom is indeed an inside job. To accomplish this, we need to build value systems that allow us to demonstrate the power we have.

Be honest with yourself– with your internal or external struggles; with your community and if they are supportive and contributing to your journey to thrive; with your views on self-worth and self-love; with the habits you attain– and based off of that, create your own value system to live by. Define a mission statement to guide you as you commit to accomplishing the change you want to create. Ask yourself, “What do I want in my life?”

It is time for all of us to own our potentials as leaders and the first step of action by gaining our internal freedom to become the leaders that the world needs.

Questions to reflect on:
  • What is something you want to positively impact in your organization that you find challenging?
  • What factors makes it challenging?
  • What could you shift on the inside or work on internally that could improve this?
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