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Enrollment is NOW OPEN for the 10th annual S.H.E. Summit™ - Claudia Chan’s premiere Whole-Life Leadership™ Program.
Join us September 23rd!


Enrollment is NOW OPEN for the 10th Annual S.H.E. Summit™:  Claudia Chan's premiere conference, coaching and certificate program.

Over six months you will learn the Whole-Life Leadership Framework™ to transform how you lead in health, family, workplace and community. Honor the full authenticity of who you are and create the systemic change needed to unlock an equitable, thriving and socially impactful world.

What You Will Experience

S.H.E. Summit advances SHE, HE, and EQUITY for all and is dedicated to your mental health, career advancement, and whole-life success.

Enrollment in the six-month conference and coaching program (our next cohort begins September 23rd, 2022)

One-day virtual Summit kickoff on September 23rd with immersive learning sessions from renowned speakers.


Five months of LIVE coaching sessions with Claudia Chan on her Whole-Life Leadership Framework, learning within a private community

[Coming soon!] Six-month membership to our exclusive Whole-Life Leadership Portal for on-demand session replay and the "best of" S.H.E. GLOBL’s video archive

Who Should Enroll?

Individuals who want to courageously discover and become the wholeness of who they are, reframing how they lead across five key leadership departments: mental health, marriage, parenting, workplace, and community.

Employers that want to increase retention and unlock talent, social and business innovation and performance. We recommend enrolling key talent groups and their managers that you want to retain, support and advance to co-create and experience a more inclusive, thriving culture. Typically this looks like:

  • Women, women of color, and male allies
  • High potential & rising stars
  • Architects of culture (HR, DEI, L&D, ERGs etc)

What You'll Walk Away With:

Prioritize whole-life wellbeing. Cultivate inclusionary behavior. Awaken individual impact.

Greater clarity and vision of yourself as an impactful, inclusive, Whole-Life Leader

Powerful tools to name and transform your barriers

A new community of rising change makers - where you are seen, acknowledged, and supported

A 3-year, strategic Whole-Life plan - and the energy and inspiration to see it through


If you're looking to align your life and career with social impact, How We Rise is one of the best investments you can make. A mix of inspiration, spirituality, and business strategy, Claudia provides a practical plan for how to channel your life purpose and create a more equal world for women and men.

Sallie Krawcheck

CEO and Co-Founder, Ellevest


Reading Claudia's book This Is How We Rise gave me confidence to lead our new women’s employee resource group (ERG) at Samsung. Launching a new ERG is hard, scary, and intimidating, especially when it’s on a volunteer basis. The book helped give me perspective that my life struggles and career challenges were for a greater purpose to help lead others towards achieving workplace equality. I then started attending the incredible S.H.E. Summit Conferences. The conference and How We Rise learnings have led me to so many new experiences which helped pave my path from Director of Solutions & Services to becoming Samsung’s Inclusion & Diversity Leader. Everyone can make a difference, just take the first step forward with confidence.”

Tami DeWeese

Head of Inclusion & Diversity, Samsung Electronics America


This has helped to open my eyes to the need for diversity, inclusivity, and work-life balance and offered me the insights and techniques to get there.  I leave each session with at least one thought-provoking concept to contemplate and adopt for improved leadership, communication, or self-awareness.

Manager & 2021 S.H.E. Summit Participant

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From celebrated voices, fresh thinkers, the next break-through thought leaders and transformational speakers–S.H.E. Summit benefits from a deep bench of world-renown thought leaders.

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