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Our exclusive Whole-Life Leadership Portal offers on-demand session replay, archived conference sessions from S.H.E. GLOBL’s network of champions, experts and guest speakers, and access to practical tools which help integrate the lessons for further self-development.

Every S.H.E. Summit 2022 Membership includes six-month access to our on-demand Whole-Life Leadership Portal! 

Why an On-Demand Whole-Life Leadership Portal? 

We are in an unprecedented time to re-imagine and create new business, culture and family systems that were never originally set up for all people to experience equity, inclusion and whole-life wellbeing. 

  • Working parents feel stretched and burnt out--they can never measure up to their expectations of self at work and home which have become increasingly demanding. Time has become the most scarce asset and they never feel they have enough of it to optimize their marriage, parenting, career and community service.
  • Full-time caregivers struggle with transition and their sense of identity to care for children and family.
  • With unprecedented anxiety and depression in our young generation, more than ever we need present, attuned and affirming parents to raise children who feel seen, heard and affirmed to discover who they are--and not pass on generational and cultural trauma because of parental unhealed wounds.
  • Social media and technology has produced a comparison-culture where people chase an identity of success that is rooted in hyper-productivity and having more--instead of well-being and having what matters.
  • Add to this a pandemic plus society’s racial, economic, health crisis---people are challenged in unprecedented ways… our culture is surviving, not thriving.


Watch videos across topic areas, including:

  • Our Foundational How We Rise Whole-Life Leadership Curriculum
  • Mental, Physical, Financial Health 
  • Family & Caregiving for Working Families
  • Career & Workplace
  • Industry, Community, Society
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Social Impact 
  • And MORE!