Power within a company gets a bad rap. Often it’s associated with greed but the reality is that power is needed by leaders who are accountable within an organization. Be it with financial results or company strategy, leaders need the ability to influence the behavior of others to achieve goals.

Kourtney Whitehead of Forbes writes of 3 things leaders are doing differently to empower and build trust among their teams and colleagues.

1. They acknowledge unspoken dynamics

When issues go unspoken, they also go unaddressed, which is certainly true with unhealthy or unnecessary power dynamics. Daring leaders are those who consciously choose to see and discuss openly the undercurrent of power in their organization.

To do this, the first step is to observe how power is present around you. Ultimately you have to acknowledge the role you play in perpetuating the current structure. Do you like to or need to feel superior? Most people will instinctively answer no, but with deeper soul-searching realize that isn’t entirely true.

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