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It’s time to redefine leadership. The current definition of leadership is one-dimensional, inaccessible, and rooted in masculine traits. It’s time for a more balanced and holistic definition of leadership so we can rise to our full potential and lead change in the world.

Step One: Acknowledge and name it! If you want to be a leader, call yourself a leader.  There’s something about naming, believing and setting the intention that gives us more courage and confidence and allows us to be more bold. You become what you believe. Internal self talk leads to actions and behaviors. Make sure you are telling yourself the story you want to live.

Step Two: Treat your whole life as the organization you are leading.  Don’t let success of one area of your life come at the sake of something else. You are the sum of all of your parts and your whole self can’t thrive if you’re neglecting certain areas. Make a list of life departments that looks something like this:

  1. Mental and physical health
  2. Marriage/relationship
  3. Parenting
  4. Career and work
  5. Financial wellbeing
  6. Social community
  7. Home structure and foundation.

Remember, we can’t concentrate on all of these at the same time. Break seasons of your life down into elevation periods and pick a couple priorities/life departments to focus on for that period.

Step Three:  Identify the areas you are lacking. Seek help. Synergize with your partner. The key is not to strive for perfection. We often feel like we need things to be perfect, and we should really be embracing imperfection. The more we aim for and the bigger our vision is, the more trials and friction we’re going to face. Look at obstacles as opportunities for growth.

We’re never going to realize a more thriving and equal humanity until we empower all people to realize that they can be leaders. It’s not about having it all, it’s about imperfectly leading it all well.

Show Notes:

  • Stigmas attached to “leadership”   00:03:50
  • Whole life leadership    00:08:25
  • Life departments   00:09:30
  • Elevation periods   00:14:20

Once you’ve listened, connect with us! We’d love to hear from you. What are your life departments? How have you turned an obstacle into a growth opportunity? Are you struggling to embrace imperfection?  Comment below and let us know your story.

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