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The distance between where we are today and where we want to be lies in the power of our thoughts. Our thoughts can be the greatest driver of our success or the greatest barrier. Our thoughts shape our beliefs, and those beliefs become our reality which shape our behavior and the energy we project and receive. So how do we manage what is going on in our heads?


Positive thinking does not always come naturally. For some, it requires a lot of hard work, but it’s important to understand that having negative thoughts does not define you as a negative person. There are many sources that can challenge our thinking and mold our mental patterns. Sometimes it can stem from your childhood and upbringing. Coming from a family constantly concerned with scarcity and anxiety over money and resources can carry over into your mindset as an adult. Sometimes it is the circumstances of your life. If there are outside stressors or big events going on in your life, that can have a huge impact on your mental state. Health issues can also have an impact on your energy, your thoughts, and your ability to focus, whether it be an illness or just a hormonal change. The important thing to note is that your thoughts are not who you are. They come from other sources and once you realize that your thoughts are not you, you can start the work to change. Extraordinary challenges happen to those meant for extraordinary destiny.

Steps to Take

  1. Manage your mind as if your life depends on it. It is your most important job.
  2. Take stock of your thoughts. Write down your thought patterns and what triggers them. Then write down your positive thoughts. Study yourself and learn about how and why you think. Make the time for this work everyday. Your thoughts impact everything about your life.This is crucial self care.
  3. Become an olympic positive thinker. Visualize what you want in your life. Use your imagination and be bold in your visions for yourself. Surround yourself with creativity and inspiration.
  4. Feel as if your visions are reality. Once you’ve written down your positive thoughts, really work to feel that they are happening. The more you feel it, the more you attract it and manifest it.
  5. Get an accountability partner. Maybe it’s a life coach or therapist, maybe its a program or a workshop, maybe it’s a friend you can count on. I highly recommend investing money in this if you can, because it is such an important piece of your life and is worth the time and money. If you can’t afford it, start with baby steps and just talk to someone you can rely on to hold you accountable. When you share with someone, you release the energy and the hold that negativity may have on you.
  6. Create a toolbox. Have a strategic plan and tools that you can go back to. Prepaving is a great way to start each day. Write yourself an email or take a few minutes to journal in the morning, celebrating all that you want to happen that day as if it has already happened. Create mantras by writing out your negative thoughts, crossing them out, and writing the opposite positive statement. Then repeat those statements over and over, meditate on them, post them where you can see them.

We can’t rise and lead if we are carrying the weight of our negative thoughts. Transforming our own thoughts is the first step to really serving our highest potential. The greatest problems that exist in humanity, exist in our minds. What’s going on in your mind?

Show Notes:  

  • Your thoughts create your reality:  00:04:29
  • Naturally positive vs negative thinkers:  00:12:40
  • Challenges to positive thinking: 00:14:50
  • Positive steps: 00:23:25
    Prepaving: 00:29:55


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After listening, please tell us what you think!  Do you have to work hard to fend off negative thoughts or does it come easy to you? What are your biggest challenges? What tools are in your toolbox to help you stay positive? Comment below and share your thoughts.

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