Culture starts at the top, and the CEO’s job is to help it flow through the business.

…Having leaders who believe in the company’s mission and values will hugely motivate and energize the entire company and can have a positive effect on the bottom line.

When we think about company culture in a place where employees spend a lot of their time away from their families, it’s vital that your organization has the right leaders in place to create a culture that’s inviting. When a company has the right leaders in place, the company culture can supersede its employees’ expectations.

There are some common themes among companies that are successful and have great company cultures: They are clear about their values and the organization’s goals. They know that each company is unique, and that in order for the culture to thrive, leaders must be deliberate about it. They must live it, breathe it and be authentic about it.

So how do you build a great company culture?

  1. Empower your employees through building trust.
  2. Have culture talks with your senior leaders.
  3. Create a growth coaching path where every employee feels valued, respected and appreciated.
  4. Create a safe space.
  5. Ensure proper on-boarding of new employees.

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