At S.H.E. Summit we are on a mission to inspire a new generation of purpose-driven, inclusive leaders to drive change from where they are for issues they care about. This is a new and more accessible definition of leadership that can encourage more people to step into their potential to affect change.

Our passionate founder Claudia Chan has been on a speaking tour sharing her “#HowWeRise As A New Generation of Leaders” message with corporate and entrepreneurial communities. On April 27, Claudia was the keynote speaker at the FASTer Way to Fat Loss inaugural coach conference supporting the leadership of one of fastest growing fitness/health programs in the world. This is what she said on her Instagram:

“It’s such an honor to keynote the inaugural conference for and support the leadership of 1 of fastest growing fitness/health programs in the world. As you may know my S.H.E. GLOBL work helps companies and their leaders accelerate social impact and close equality gaps in the workplace and world…and cultivates purpose-driven leaders and changes agents thru transformational conference and courses. FASTer Way to Fat Loss has become one of my favorite clients to work with, and if you haven’t heard of them, you will soon. From my perspective, they are one of the most authentic, purpose-driven companies I have worked with…they are disrupting the fitness and wellness industry, transforming peoples lives with a unique health and fitness methodology, while providing significant income and entrepreneurial opportunity to full-time moms, teachers, nurses, trainers, instructors and countless others who never knew such economic empowerment was possible.”

The audience comprised of 350 FASTer Way coaches who are full-time parents, teachers, health professionals, nurses, empty nesters…who are now finding empowering and lucrative careers as coaches. Many rushed to Claudia after her talk sharing how much she impacted them with her speech – three highlights included:

  • “Treat your whole life as the organization you’re leading. As caregivers and homemakers–you already have been wearing so many leadership hats. It’s time to own that as a leadership position and ensure you gain the respect and value that the role comes with.”
  • “It is the community making up this group that can be your secret weapon to soaring. How much impact and income you generate can be sourced from the support and sharing of best practices of your community and fellow coaches.”
  • “Identify your core limiting beliefs to success…do the self reflection and healing to understand where those voices come from. Invest in a coach, therapist or partner to support you with this healing because you can reach your highest potential without doing this work.”

Hundreds were empowered in the direction of greater health, and a more lucrative future– and now you can gain this transformation with Claudia Chan’s “How We Rise” leadership course which is now available for purchase on HERE. Sign up now if you’re ready for this life and career changing transformation.


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