Are you ready to reach your highest potential? We have the solution for you! SHE Summit is launching it’s very own How We Rise online course; an 8 week, 8 module platform led by our very own founder, Claudia Chan, so that YOU can become part of the new generation of leaders who are changing the world in a way where you can thrive.

If you are any of the below, then join us now!

  • a rising corporate professional who wants to accelerate your leadership path through purpose-driven work and culture change?
  • a high-achieving entrepreneur who wants to better humanity with a financially thriving business?
  • holding a position of impacting change but need greater courage and clarity to disrupt the future?
  • going through a life transition where you want to ensure the rest of your life fulfills your soul and establishes a legacy?

With a different topic each week, this course will take you through 8 steps of leadership that will surely set you on a new life trajectory. It will empower you to rise to become the leader that both your destiny and humanity is calling you to be.


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