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Our worth is so tied in with our productivity that we base our worthiness on what we’ve accomplished. Leading through overwhelm requires we shift our mindset to reframe, rewire, remember & reset. The most prevalent emotion that has been expressed since the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the world has been overwhelm. We are not in full control of all things, however, seeing our obstacles as opportunities allows us to reframe what we can control. Reframing allows us to identify our triggers and exercise a new personal strategy muscle. When negative thoughts creep in, as they many times will, you must exercise the new tools in your toolset.

The third episode in this series will cover:

  • How to reframe your circumstances to conquer overwhelm 
  • The importance of rewiring your automatic responses.
  • How remembering & resetting your expectations can pave the path towards peace.

"Seeing your obstacles as opportunities and reframing around that is a really powerful exercise. You've got to come up with a new toolset."

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