"To unleash influence you need to embrace your whole life leadership. That means prioritizing yourself and your self-care, and to treat your whole life as the organization you are leading." -- Claudia Chan 

September is National Self Care Month, which gives us a great moment to pause and think about our mental self-care, both in the office and at home. Mental self-care and wellbeing is one of my greatest concerns for women. We love saying “yes,” but this usually just causes more and more to get piled up on our plates. This can make life feel overwhelming and like we are constantly failing.

But life isn’t perfect and sometimes things don't go as planned. What makes us strong leaders is our ability to be resilient, adaptable, and to be flexible in our daily lives. Leadership is about how we own our whole life and how we take care of our entire self.

We believe that by treating your whole life as the organization you’re leading, you can stay focused on what matters the most. It’s all about your “whole life” leadership. It’s time for a more balanced and holistic definition of leadership so we can rise to our full potential and change in the world.

Some questions to reflect on for this week:

  1. Is there a leadership imbalance in your life? Do you lead 70% at work and 30% in your personal life?
  2. When was the last time you prioritize yourself and your needs over others?
  3. When was the last time you said ‘no’? It often takes great courage to do this, but being able to say no and be a leader in your whole life can actually help you achieve more.


Let's rise together,

Attending S.H.E. Summit helped me realize we are the future and the voice for many. It helped me ask – if not you, then who else?
The conference is remarkable because not only do you meet amazing, powerful, strong women; you meet leaders who believe in your dreams and the purpose that you were created for. Always remember that you are created for greatness, for showing up, for being unique and being the best version of yourselves every day."
Reena Joseph

Customer Experience Management & Strategy, Samsung Electronics America

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