Is there a bias barrier in organizations today?

Our 2019 State of Inclusion Survey discovered that despite organizations’ efforts to advance inclusion in the workplace, many of today’s professionals feel that they are experiencing or witnessing bias on a regular basis and it often has an impact on their productivity and engagement at work.

Progress is there, but bias remains

Most professionals believe their organization fosters an inclusive workplace and provides opportunities to connect with others from diverse backgrounds; yet, they frequently feel that they experience and witness bias.

  • 77% believed that their company fostered an inclusive workplace
  • 64% of professionals report to witnessing and experiencing bias within the past year – of those, 61% reported to feeling that they have experienced bias at least once a month and 63% reported to feeling that they have witnesseded bias at least once a month
  • 83% categorized the bias as indirect or subtle – which is sometimes framed as a microaggression

[Click here to read the full article by Terri Cooper on how bias may be affecting our work and personal lives]

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