When I started in consulting, there was a lot that I needed to learn. There were all of those elements that you’d expect – understanding how to interact with clients, learning how to collaborate on a team, and developing high quality deliverables. But there was an additional set of expectations that I had to adjust to: business culture.

Many individuals with backgrounds similar to mine can benefit tremendously from coaching and training on how to navigate a corporate environment. That’s why the mission of Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT) resonates so much with me. MLT provides mentorship for those from underrepresented communities to support their success in business.

A mentee of mine has gone through the program. I met Omar McGann when he was a senior consultant. Instantly, I recognized the incredible talent and potential in him. Omar is a caring person, a team member, someone who is both sharp and humble, and consistently pays it forward. When I refer to what an inclusive leader is, he is the true embodiment of that. This past year, Omar became a principal, and the first MLT grad to enter our leadership ranks. I was so thrilled to have had the privilege of watching him develop and grow.

Finding support and mentorship is so important, particularly for those new to the professional world. In addition to powerful programs like MLT, there are various ways that you can find support and grow your relationships with your mentors:

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