To celebrate our 8th business year anniversary – we are so proud to announce the NEW S.H.E. Summit, now offering courses, conferences, and community to develop the purpose-driven and inclusive leadership mindset you need to rise to your highest “whole-life” potential.

Standing for SHE, HE & the Equity for all, S.H.E. Summit is dedicated to creating a more thriving workplace and world by connecting, educating, and activating a new generation of leaders. That’s why we are redefining leadership to be purpose-driven, inclusive, whole-life integrated and accessible to all.

Since 2012, our award-winning S.H.E. Summit conference has provided personal and professional development for over 100,000 people, while also activating them to lead change for diversity, inclusion and social impact in their workplaces and communities. Now we’re evolving our platform to bring the S.H.E. Summit experience online to people everywhere by offering transformational courses and powerful community throughout the year.

Often in surveys at our annual S.H.E. Summit event, we’re asked to provide more content throughout the year.  In our efforts to provide you with the very best online, as we do offline at our S.H.E. Summit event, we have built our website from the ground up to address your needs and provide more content that inspires and empowers you year-round.

On our new website, you can:

  • Enroll in Claudia Chan’s HOW WE RISE Leadership Course: An 8-week transformative course that will set your career and life on a new vision and trajectory towards your highest potential for your life, workplace, family, and community. Be a part of Claudia’s Inaugural Class and work directly with her. The 1st program launches June 3—limited enrollment for our inaugural group, save 25% when you register with code “mayempowerment.”
  • Learn about and sign up for a demo for our Inclusive Leadership Course & Certificate. By popular request from conference and corporate attendees, this is our foundational inclusive leadership course for talent in the global workplace at all levels.
  • View information on the upcoming S.H.E. Summit Conference (our 2019 date will be announced in June)
  • Enjoy past S.H.E Summit sessions and find your photo in our galleries
  • Access Claudia Chan’s HOW WE RISE Leadership Podcast
  • View recent news about what others are doing in diversity, inclusion and leadership 

We want to help you rise to your highest potential so you can create your destined impact in the world, while also achieving extraordinary success in all areas of your life. Join us on this journey of serving you by emailing us your feedback here.

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