The human body is quite complex and there are many factors at play at all times. Keri Glassman thinks that many women still focus on calories and using willpower to lose weight and be healthy.  However hormones, emotions, cravings, and even our social schedule influence the amount of calories we consume and how our body processes them. Calories are not all created equal and counting them will get you nowhere. And, willpower is a muscle that will be worn down faster than you think. It is all negative energy. I like people to throw willpower out the door and embrace an empowered mindset.

Keri believes there are 5 things women can do to achieve optimal health:

  1. Embrace meditation (daily) as much as you embrace and prioritize your workouts with your trainer. I have been talking about meditation and have had my clients doing something even as simple as the eight-count breath daily for years, but the science behind meditation and health and weight loss continues to pile up. My favorite app is Insight Timer.

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