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In the premiere episode, Claudia launches into her mission to empower you to become the leader that both your destiny and humanity are calling you to be.

Leadership is not just about business. Leadership is for everyone. We all have an idea of what success looks like, and for many of us, that is a solely personal vision. But humanity needs more from us. It is our destiny to break out of the “me over we” mindset and adopt a “me for we” mindset instead – one that compels us to be a part of something bigger. Life is short and this is temporary. You can have an impact on the world around you, and be part of a new generation of leaders that is rooted in purpose, inclusion, and whole-life integration.

Here are three core beliefs that are crucial to becoming an impactful leader:

Belief #1: Believe in a higher meaning of your life

So many people have visions for their lives that they abandon, whether it is because of self-doubt, limitations, or just getting caught up in the day-to-day. We need to think bigger. We all have the potential to be impactful if we expand our vision. Look at how you can affect the world instead of how it affects you, and then decide if what you’re doing day-to-day is aligning with the higher meaning of your life. The more you believe, the more beliefs become reality. You’re meant to have an impact. You’re meant to make a dent in the universe. You can see the invisible and do the impossible. The universe is calling on you and you need to pay attention.

Belief #2: Believe that everything has happened for you

Everything that has happened in your life has happened to bring you closer to your purpose. Often it’s the most painful parts of our life that become the source of our impact. Pain hits us deep in our hearts, and that feeling is meant to call you to action. That is the universe showing you where you are meant to lead!  Once you identify your purpose, you can start to visualize your pathway to change. Start by giving love, time, and intention to things that move you and think about what you can do with your career and skills to make an impact. Our lives can be so much bigger than we ever imagined it to be.

Belief #3: Believe that your birthright is extraordinary

There is so much untapped greatness in human beings. We don’t believe it’s in us, even though its desperate to come out. We’re longing for happiness and self-worth and identity, but we’re looking in the wrong places. We have to believe that what is inside us is limitless. If we believe that is truth, we can start operating from a more confident, courageous and bold place. We think we’re all better off staying in our lives and our to-do lists but we are cheating the world by not working to deliver what we are capable of.

So many people don’t do anything because they think their contributions won’t matter, or won’t be enough. But imagine if all of us did SOMETHING. People drive change. At the end of the day, what matters is making humanity better and helping other people. The world is desperate for your contribution.

Show Notes:

  • “Me for we” instead of “Me over we” mindset (00:05:40)
  • Believe in a higher meaning of your life  (00:08:17)
  • Outside-In perspective (00:08:25)
  • Believe that everything has happened for you  (00:12:45)
  • The positive impact of pain (00:13:20)
  • Entrepreneurship vs Intrepreneurship (00:14:43)
  • Believe that your birthright is extraordinary  (00:16:44)

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