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You’re passionate about diversity, committed to equity, and all in on inclusion.

You know it’s not only the right thing to do, but that there is a strong and proven business case for diversity and inclusion.  According to Forbes¹:

  • Companies with more diverse management teams reported having 19% higher revenue due to innovation.
  • Companies in the top quartile for gender diversity on executive teams are 21% more likely to experience greater profitability
  • Companies with the greatest ethnic and cultural diversity on their executive teams are 33% more likely to outperform companies in the fourth quartile on EBIT margin.

What will it take to create a truly inclusive culture where all belong and are celebrated for who they uniquely are, without prejudice or penalty based on their background and identity?

What will it take to move the dial on diversity among those who have the power to make decisions so that our companies have an even greater competitive edge?

What will it take to create equitable systems where all have the support, access and resources they need to thrive?

It starts with you!

This program is for leaders at every level, we define leadership holistically and inclusively as the ability to influence others and create change, no matter how small.

You want to see real change. You want to see the good intentions of those around you come to fruition in the form of tangible results. But the truth is, you’re not entirely sure yourself how to turn your own good intentions into meaningful action that creates results.  This program will teach YOU:

  • What YOU can do to be strategic with limited time and resources on top of your “day job”
  • How YOU can be the most effective advocate and change agent for inclusion
  • How YOU can be a truly inclusive leader



6 modules over 12 weeks with bi-weekly live online facilitated discussion sessions



2-3 hours per week on your own schedule + 4 live online discussion sessions over the 12 weeks



Only available through SHE Summit

Accelerate Change By Developing As An Inclusive Leader

Here at SHE Summit, we don’t claim to have all the answers, but we have created this powerful online course to help you ask the right questions.

  • Explore what inclusion means for your company, organization, community and in your life.
  • Gain insights into the latest thinking on what it takes to create inclusion (hint - the process of creating inclusion needs to itself be inclusive in order to bring about real and lasting change)
  • Start taking strategic and tangible action steps in your life towards creating inclusion for yourself and others
  • Create your own personal plan for inclusive leadership

Introducing the SHE Summit

Inclusive Leadership Course

Our transformative program will open up conversations, connection and inspiration that will equip and embolden you to lead holistically and inclusively.

Inspirational content from our renowned thought-leaders

Six inclusive leadership modules are released bi-weekly, each with access to approx 45-60 minutes of video keynotes and panel sessions from our renowned network of thought leaders  - each module will be accessible from your computer or mobile device and transcripts will also be available

A cohort of dedicated and passionate peers

You’ll have access to a private Facebook community where you can connect with your peers in your cohort, and you’ll move on to our Alumni group once you complete the program.

Tools for reflection

You’ll get a reflection journal with questions related to each module for you to reflect on and answer - you may submit your responses privately as well as post in the FB group for peer feedback.


A mandate for action

You’ll get six action assignments that help you put into practice what you are learning and discovering - you will be asked to commit to one action for each module and to report back on how it went.

Learn With The Best

Make a Difference - For Yourself and Others

The Inclusive Leadership Certificate is designed to create the kind of inclusive leaders that the world so desperately needs right now. The mindset and perspectives you develop in this course will shift your approach to leadership in all aspects of your life, so that our workplaces, communities and lives are richer, more equitable and more fulfilling for all.


Cultivate Inclusion

Inclusion drives engagement, and engagement drives performance. Successful leadership at every level requires an understanding of what it takes to cultivate inclusion so that we can all thrive. In this course you’ll understand what it takes to be an inclusive leader who can drive success for the greater good.

Create Change

Our current systems, structures, and hierarchies were not designed by and for all of us - they were created for only a few of us. We need inclusive leaders who can create change for the greater good of more of us. Change is not easy to bring about - it takes individuals, working together to innovate around inclusion and build new more equitable systems. This course will give you the tools you need to accelerating change.

Diversify Your Network

The diverse perspectives that true inclusion requires are hard to come by if your network isn’t diverse. This course will connect you with thought leaders and peers from across industries, sectors, functions, backgrounds and identities and will facilitate and model the courageous conversations that are so critical to creating inclusion.

Course Content

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Being an inclusive leader starts with ourselves. Reflect on how we can model inclusive leadership and leverage our external impact through internal growth by “being the change,” telling our stories, and letting go of perfectionism.

Creating inclusion in the workplace takes innovation and intention. Consider how to develop initiatives that use storytelling, science and data to facilitate courageous conversations, shift perceptions and behavior, and result in belonging. Reflect on how you can be true to who you are as well as an ally to others.

We all have biases and blindspots, and some are directed inward towards ourselves as well as externally. It’s not about being a good or bad person, and bias is also embedded at a cultural and systemic level. Develop strategies for noticing and overcoming assumptions at all levels, and for advocating for and amplifying one another.

Men grow up socialized into a culture that under-values and objectifies women. Explore how we can include and engage men in redefining strength, vulnerability and masculinity so that we create a world that is not just better for women but for men too.

What does it take for women to pave the way in male-dominated industries? Discover the role that preparation, goal setting, collaboration and saying yes can do to normalize the presence of women and change lives.

Leadership from every level can can create organizational change. Learn how to find different ways to leverage diversity as a strategic advantage for business success, from how you build teams and get people involved to how you gain buy-in and traction.

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