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Unconscious Bias & Blind Spots

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We all have biases and blindspots, and some are directed inward towards ourselves as well as externally. It’s not about being a good or bad person, and bias is also embedded at a cultural and systemic level. Develop strategies for noticing and overcoming assumptions at all levels, for connecting with people with different points of view and for being the change you want to create.

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Everyone has biases from racial bias to political bias, these biases do not need to divide us.  Learn how to foster connection with people who have differing points of view. The opposite of hate is connection.

Research shows we all have biases and blind spots, its normal and having them does not make us any less of a good person. Develop strategies for noticing, accepting and overcoming your own biases.

Understanding assumptions that are made by others about motherhood and  how to be deliberate about what you want, so these assumptions do not stunt your success. In this module we will:

  • Learn about benevolent bias and assumptions others make about your career and motherhood
  • How with good intentions  these assumptions can derail a career
  • What you can do to be deliberate and clear about what your intentions are for your career


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