Kylie Wright-Ford

CEO and Auhor

Reputation Institute

Kylie Wright-Ford is the Chief Executive Officer at Reputation Institute and is responsible for global leadership and governance.

Kylie Wright-Ford is an operating executive, entrepreneur and author. Kylie advises growth companies on strategy and leadership in addition to sitting on three corporate boards and the board of Venture Atlanta. She recently co-authored The Leadership Mind Switch which is about leading across generations and styles in a working world that is being disrupted by changing demographics and unprecedented tech advances. A skilled moderator and enlightening speaker, Kylie engages executive teams, sales teams, women’s movements and change agents globally to make leaders (successful and rising leaders) better. Her favorite topics are; #future of work,#leadership, #change #adversity #womeninleadership #culture #workingmom #workingmum #grit. An Australian native, she completed her MBA at Oxford in 2005 and has since led hundreds of talented professionals, driven innovation and strategy for multiple companies and experienced/led several successful M&A transactions. Her global leadership positions include most recently as Chief Operating & Strategy Officer of World 50 and strategic and sales roles at prestigious services firms like Goldman Sachs JBWere and GLG. Kylie has worked in leadership for three different private equity firms and has deep expertise in network and marketplace and peer-peer networking businesses. Kylie is also a popular guest lecturer at Emory University and experienced moderator of conversations with world leaders, celebrities and disruptors. While most of her time is dedicated to driving growth in the companies she advises and sits on boards for, Kylie does select speaking and moderating gigs. Based in Atlanta, Kylie travels extensively and often including to the most common hubs of New York, Boston, LA and Sydney.

“Drive a workplace culture that is positive and future-proof” “Embrace new technologies without sacrificing the human touch” “Optimize your leadership style for evolving time-off, face-time and communication needs”

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