Jack Myers

Documentary Film Producer; and Author

Jack Myers is a cultural, economic, and technology visionary; an award-winning documentary film producer; and an author who has researched and reported on the impact of media and technology on society for more than forty years.

Jack Myers is recognized globally for his four decades of leadership in marketing, media and entertainment. As an educator, analyst, author, and business builder, he has quietly influenced the decisions of hundreds of global, national and regional companies and organizations, plus thousands of individuals. Jack’s work is grounded in his advocacy for the value and cultural influence of media and marketing. He’s also a realist who, throughout his career, has implemented visionary economic models to learn how to break-down corporate inertia and institute practical change. For the past decade, his mission has been dedicated to accelerating the growth of marketing budgets through advanced knowledge resources, educational initiatives and talent development programs. Recently, Jack introduced Ten Principles for Growth to advance corporate activism on common industry-wide goals and priorities. Today, more than 150 companies, organizations and industry leaders are members of the MyersBizNet Knowledge Exchange, which connects professionals across the marketing ecosystem in a shared marketplace of exclusive intelligence, best practices, future-focused insights, thought leadership and opinion, case studies, white papers and success profiles. Jack’s early work at CBS Television building innovative marketing and sales responses to the more competitive cable environment remains the industry standard today. In 1984, after leaving CBS, Jack established The Myers Report as the industry’s first syndicated B2B market intelligence resource, incorporating the first daily aggregated news feed for media and advertising professionals, then delivered subscription and ad-free via fax. Today, The Myers Report remains the industry’s leading resource for market intelligence and exclusive insights, all delivered at MediaVillage, where more than 300 columnists, journalists, industry experts, professionals and educators cover a spectrum of technological, cultural, societal and business trends and advances, delivered subscription-free across 90 multi-media platforms. As a vocal advocate for diversity, equality and inclusion, Jack actively supports several non-profit groups and has founded four organizations now combined under the Advancing Diversity umbrella. Jack’s interest in technological, generational and cultural shifts led to his 2008 book Reconnecting with Customers in The Relationship Age which, along with his 2012 book Hooked Up: A New Generation’s Surprising Take on Sex, Politics and Saving World and his follow-up 2016 book The Future of Men: Masculinity in the 21st Century, anticipated the massive gender, cultural, political and technological shifts that have become both positively and painfully apparent. Jack has been honored with two International Book Awards, the George Foster Peabody Award, and Academy and Emmy Award nominations for Best Documentary Film Feature. After studying and reporting on the economy for more than three decades, Jack believes the time is now for radical restructuring of business models, professional relationships and management hierarchy through collaborative learning; innovative partnerships; upskilling, reskilling and new-skilling talent; and through an active marketplace and exchange of best practices for growth across the marketing ecosystem. Jack and his wife, Ronda Carnegie, founded the Jacaronda Foundation, which provides college loan relief for young professionals. They share five children and four grandchildren.

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