Dondeena Bradley

Strategist, Food Scientist and Innovator trained in developing new products and services with sensibility for people and the planet

Dondeena Bradley is a seasoned global leader driven by a conviction to create a brighter more hopeful future. She is a strategist, food scientist, and innovator trained in developing new products and services with a sensibility for people and the planet across a broad spectrum of industries and innovation constraints. Her current passion is exploring new behavioral models within the food ecosystem in order to identify metrics for positive systemic change.

With competence and care, she has spent thousands of hours leading global teams to generate new business value in diverse cultures such as M&M/MARS, Campbell Soup, McNeil/Johnson & Johnson, PepsiCo, WW (formerly Weight Watchers), and now the Barilla Group leading global nutrition & wellbeing. She is a master at future-focused portfolio innovation with a solid track record of uncovering new business opportunities that considers people and the planet first through filters of external forces, macro trends & unmet consumer needs. She is an author of a wellbeing handbook of rituals called “Living Full Circle: Ancient Rituals for Modern Times” published by Tiller | Simon & Schuster. She is a role model for human-centered leadership and building effective relationships with cross-functional leaders to achieve superior results.

Her formal education includes a Doctor of Philosophy in Food Science from The Ohio State University and a Master of Science in Nutrition from Purdue University. She is a curious explorer, believes in a broader view of sustainable health, is an avid reader, and loves spending time exploring the great outdoors.

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