Activist, entrepreneur, performer, writer, and mother of three, Sarah Sophie Flicker is known for many things — though perhaps best for her role as a Women’s March national organizer. The march held on January 21st, 2017, advocated for legislative reforms on human rights such as women’s rights, reproductive rights, LGBTQIA rights, and immigration reform. With an estimated 4 million US-based participants (5 million worldwide), it became the largest single-day demonstrations recorded in U.S. history. Since then, Sarah Sophie co-founded Firebrand, a creative agency on a mission to create social change through art, fashion, and culture.

Sarah Sophie sat down with The Helm’s Julie Weber to explore the ups and downs of raising activist children and to unpack what lies at the intersection of parenthood and feminism.

We’ve gotten to a place of worrying so much about how we parent, and what we’re telling our kids.  Honestly, I think the best thing we can do is just to model the sort of belief systems we have and the values that we have and uplift a shared humanity. First and foremost, you have to walk the walk yourself. And then, hopefully, those values trickle down to your kids. Because the cool thing about kids is they really just are who they are. There’s so little that we have control over. The best you can do is to listen to who they say they are and uplift them. – Sarah Sophie Flicker

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