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Managing Family & Caregiving

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Can women have it all?  This question is asked and answered in many different ways over the years and it’s clear no one’s experience is the same. These modules will provide insight, advice and tools for success for a thriving career and family.

Course Content

Understanding assumptions that are made by others about motherhood and  how to be deliberate about what you want so these assumptions do not stunt your success. In this module we will:

  • Learn about benevolent bias and assumptions others make about your career and motherhood
  • How with good intentions  these assumptions can derail a career
  • What you can do to be deliberate and clear about what your intentions are for your career

Dr. Shefali believes that parenthood is an institution that prescribes “how to be” or what your child “should be” rather than how we are actually meant to be.  Learn Dr. Shefali’s perspective on how to break the barriers of what is prescribed to find your child’s true self. In this module we will:

  • Take a look at society’s “prescriptions” and how they are limiting
  • Reflect on what prescriptions we have bought into for ourselves and what we may impose on our children
  • Determine ways to help develop your child’s true self.

The quality of our relationships is the greatest predictor of the overall quality of our lives.  Learn how to build your relationship awareness to further your health & happiness.  In this module we will:

  • Build an understanding of what drives others in relationships
  • Reflect on how we approach relationships
  • Learn strategies to turn conflict into connection

Unrealistic expectations at home and in our personal lives can stifle career ambition. Learn how dropping the ball at home can set you free and help you to thrive in your career. In this module we will:

  • Reflect on what unrealistic expectations we have for ourselves
  • Prioritize our focus based on what is most important to us in our careers and personal lives
  • Decide what matters most, what we can release and where we can ask for help
  • Reframe our view of letting some things fall through the cracks

How can we raise our children with intention keeping in mind our values,  our careers, and raising the next generation of resilient leaders. In this module we will:

  • Reflect on how to shape your children with intention
  • Determine values that are most important to you and your family
  • Identify how motherhood makes you better at your job
  • Think about how to instill grit and resilience in our children (learning how to fail)
  • Consider gender stereotypes and raising children in a more gender neutral way
  • Make room for the simple fun with your kids


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