Chuck Shelton, Founder and CEO of Greatheart Consulting, joins the Jennifer Brown to discuss the work that he does engaging and equipping leaders from normative cultures to grow their business through inclusive leadership. Chuck shares his unique approach of inviting leaders into an “adventure” of inclusion.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The “swagger” that leaders from the dominant culture often display (7:00)
  • The importance of safety (15:30)
  • How women can support men without taking responsibility for them (21:00)
  • The need for ERG’s (29:00)
  • How we can stand alongside each other (36:40)
  • Why leaders need to individualize their approach towards employees (41:00)
  • How the inclusion conversation has not been inclusive (46:00)
  • Why it is men’s self-interest to listen carefully and build trust with women (52:00)
  • The potential pitfall of measuring results (57:00)

[Click here to listen to the podcast]

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