In his 2018 S.H.E. Summit keynote, Audi’s Chief Operating Officer, Cian O’Brien shares 3 aspects of his personal story that made him a gender equality advocate: the values his navy commander father passed on, the traits of his 2 sons and a daughter and his experience working with female leaders.

In the countless consulting conversations S.H.E. Summit has had with organizations about diversity and inclusion, male allyship continues to be one of the greatest needs yet so many struggle with how to make progress. When it comes to influencing change, there is so much power in “role modeling” and in personal story-telling. The quote “we can’t be what we can’t see” has started movements for women’s equality these last few years…now the new imperative is getting the men we know to role model allyship in front of other men and boys. We all know today’s equality movement must include and engage men–and a key way men can feel empowered and inspired to lift women is to see other men doing it.

Questions to reflect on:

  • Who are 5 men you know who embody the values of being a gender equality advocate?
  • Can you commit to having a conversation with at least 3, share how much you respect them and why, and encourage them to be a more visible role model for men and boys in their companies, teams, industries, schools, communities etc (even brainstorm ideas on how they can do so)?
  • Can you be their accountability partner in it?
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