Convince Your Company’s Leadership

Convince Your Company’s Leadership to Send You & a Delegation to S.H.E. Summit 2018


Corporations want to fuel long term product innovation, people retention and profit growth. At S.H.E. Summit, we believe it is not the organization, but purpose-driven leaders or corporate change-agents who drive this impact and innovation. We believe they exist not just at the top, but at all levels across the company. We encourage you to identify those employees and send them to this year’s SHE Summit to enhance their leadership experience by connecting, educating, and activating them towards your company’s mission.



Let us help you identify the right employees to increase the benefits for your corporation.

S.H.E. stands for SHE’S & HE’S who EMPOWER. These employees are or have the potential to be the corporate change agents at your company to drive your important mission forward. They have demonstrated the potential to not only rise as leaders and break barriers, but who also can drive gender equality and social impact through their roles. Download our Delegation Formation Toolkit for full recommendations on who should attend S.H.E. Summit 2018 – here are thought starters:

  • At least 1 senior leader who has the ability to make change in the culture and behavior (or a direct report of that person),  ideally a leader who has broken barriers and already champions gender equality, women’s empowerment & social impact

  • A member across every major department in your organization (i.e. HR, Marketing, Product Development, Finance-IT/Operations, Manufacturing etc.)

  • A mix of diverse men and women




Today’s business and social climate is changing – there is a demand for a diverse workforce that is gender equal. S.H.E. Summit’s Award Winning Agenda will have a 2018 theme “HOW WE RISE” and provide personal and professional transformation for change-agents invested in gender equality.

Rising in Personal Leadership


Lead Change in Your Workplace and Community

Productivity Optimization
Organizational Impact for Talent, Supply Chain to Customers 

Community & Teamwork Building

Resilience & Courage Strengthening


As a fourth year SHE summit attendee, this conference continues to amaze me with the caliber of speakers, topics, and the involvement and commitment to make the world a better place for all. The summit is stimulating, educational, and motivating, and I leave thinking about ways to incorporate the knowledge into my work environment.

Shawn Pelletier, Group Director, R&D Quality, Bristol-Myers Squibb

S.H.E. Summit has been instrumental in launching Prudential’s women’s initiatives. We used S.H.E. Summit as a launch event for our #OwnMyFuture initiative and we were overwhelmed by the resounding success. #OwnMyFuture is now a company wide effort stemming from our partnership with S.H.E. Summit

Priya Pandit, Director, Segment Marketing at Prudential Financial - ‎Prudential Financial

The overwhelming feedback we received from our participation in S.H.E. Summit was incredibly positive. We exceeded our goals of the partnership on all fronts. I look forward to our continued collaboration with the S.H.E. Summit team of incredible women to execute against our joint mission of helping women rise to their full potential and lift other women along the way.

Marlene Gordon, General Counsel, North America, Bacardi U.S.A.