What: S.H.E. Summit is a membership-driven, global empowerment conference devoted to supporting you in RISING to your highest potential and LIFTING others in a way that is authentic, joyful and economically empowering.

Who: Our members consist of corporate, entrepreneurial, nonprofit, transitional, and full-time care-giving women who have 3 things in common: We know we have the potential to do better in our own lives and for others; We want to be socially impactful, especially in issues we have personally experienced; We need greater community and tools to support our visions.

Why: Because the more you realize and pursue your potential and purpose, the more you become the leader that the world needs you to be. Learn more about our #SHE2030 Mission.

Where: The LIVE Summit on October 28th and 29th will take place at the 92nd St. Y 1395 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10128 and the community lives online year-round.

How: Through a transformational experience of:


  • Attend the live Oct 28-29, 2016 Summit to form collaborations with fellow leaders in the making

  • Share and support initiatives that matter to you personally and professionally in our private #SHE2030 Club Facebook group

  • Get personal invites to our year-round empowering events & opportunities through our regular S.H.E. Buzz Newsletter


  • Learn how to be a holistic leader with the Oct 28-29 Summit Sessions featuring 14 topics & 50+ Speakers

  • Stay current on women’s campaigns & news through our newsletter & network

  • Gain leadership habits to increase your confidence, excitement & motivation in Claudia Chan’s Rise & Lift “Pre-Event Toolkit” and “Post-Event Homework”


  • Learn and mobilize around the Macro-Movement in an accessible way at the Summit

  • Understand where you are in the “activation spectrum” and drive change for the issue(s) that matter to you

  • Collaborate with other movement-drivers and drivers-in-the-making at the Summit & with our toolkit social media graphics