5 Practices to Gain More Time and Master Productivity

Entrepreneurs have to wear many hats and our days are filled with endless to-dos. As we often work solo or with small teams, the number of items on that list can seem endless and unrelenting.

One of the greatest “mind enemies” we face is personal judgment around our productivity. For example, if at the end of the day, you focus more on the items you did NOT get done than what you DID get done, and feel bad about it, you have this enemy. I call the habit a “mind enemy” because, like other self-induced disempowering self-talk, it makes us feel bad about our abilities, breaks down our confidence in achieving our goals, and steals us of the empowering attitude we must heavily rely on to climb our mountains. Plus, when we’re in this enemy’s headlock, it’s easy for its BFFs (other enemies like comparison, self criticism, pressure to live up to images/expectations, etc) to creep in and give us another punch or two.

Any mind enemy can put us in a rut and, by the time we snap out of it a few days or weeks later, we’re just frustrated we gave this enemy any energy at all. Unless of course it has permeated so deep into our psychic that we’ve made it a truth — pulling us further away from our personal potential, dreams, and greater destiny.

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